As many of you know, ICT Tracker utilizes the power and visibility into your project data with Power BI.

 In a recent article written for Construction Business Owner by Marish Godha entitled “Why Now is the Time to Modernize Your Construction Business“, the author highlights the benefits of high tech to run an efficient business.

 In the article, he points out the importance of strengthening your business intelligence and the need for interactive visualization of construction data.  

 As the author states, “A technology like Microsoft Power BI will enable you to retrieve easy-to-understand, interactive data visualizations and analytics for business insights so that you can quickly understand your project and make fast, strategic decisions.”

Accumulating intelligent and accurate data is critical for any business manager to make timely decisions. Data like budget vs. actual work performed, manhours based on measured productivity rates, or precise percent of work performed is intelligent data that ICT Tracker provides in an interactive Power BI report.