There is a great report that just came out from Dodge and Autodesk on Key Performance Indicators for Construction. As you know, we are passionate about measuring and tracking performance on the job site and knowing how your project teams are performing on a timely basis can make all the difference in overall production and scheduling. Per the report, Labor Production was referenced as one of the “Magic 7,” which are the seven key process indicators that companies say are especially useful to interpret overall performance.

I was most interested in the section on labor production as that is where our product ICT Tracker app can have immediate impact. Per the report, “When it comes to top factors decreasing labor productivity, more trades (68%) point to poor schedule management.” This comes from not knowing your field status for percent complete. As I see it, without a tool like ICT Tracker it is hard to accurately and efficiently track field production and percent complete in a timely manner.

I’ll be sharing with you other points from this report in future blogs.

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