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Get details on how transparent project tracking makes construction projects a lot more efficient.

Avoid a Cash Flow Crisis: How Contractors can Capture Payments

A technology white paper

Managing payout applications for payment has always been a complex and frustrating process for contractors as it directly impacts cash flow. In light of current economic conditions due to COVID, getting paid on earned schedule value is even more important.

This white paper discusses the impact and steps to consider to improve your payout app process. View or download the complete White Paper.

True Construction Progress Status

Tracking is More than a Photo – Here’s Why.

Shadow ventures white paper

Photos also can’t show how many man-hours it takes to complete specific tasks and if they’re
ahead or behind on schedules. Tracking labor costs to schedules can directly impact costs.
Pictures only show the status of an installation at one point in time. Manual progress
tracking’s lack of efficiency costs big dollars. View or download The White Paper.

The Business Value of BIM for Mechanical and HVAC Construction.

Special Dodge Report

A new study of mechanical and HVAC contractors using BIM reveals the degree to which contractors are engaged with BIM, the benefits that they experience from its use and the challenges they face in expanding the use of BIM. The SmartMarket Report, released by Dodge Data & Analytics in partnership with the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) and Pinnacle Infotech, and with the support of Autodesk, The Air Conditioning & Mechanical Contractors’ Association (AMCA) and Innovative Construction Technology, demonstrates that mechanical contractors are sophisticated users of BIM software who have seen the benefits from that use.  View or download The Business Value of BIM for Mechanical and HVAC Construction.

Leveraging Technology to Recession Proof Your Construction Company.

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While a repeat of the Great Recession is not on the horizon, we’re beginning to see signs of a slowdown ahead. Margins will continue to be squeezed and labor and material costs will continue to rise; however, work is available. Even when the business environment is robust and promising, good planning and preparation are the constant keys to success. Learn key questions you should be asking today to be prepared for any slowdown in the future. View or download Leveraging Technology to Recession Proof Your Construction Company.

Overcome Construction Labor Shortages with Technology.

White Paper

The construction industry’s growth is stunted by the lack of skilled labor. Companies are challenged to complete projects on time and at budget but often lack the necessary crews. Project timelines are delayed, and contractors lose out on winning more jobs because they can’t complete the work. Learn how adopting technology is critical today. View or download Overcome Construction Labor Shortages with Technology.

How to Buy Construction Technology.

White Paper

There has never been a greater reason for the construction industry to identify and adopt solutions that improve productivity and project delivery through new technologies. This white paper provides guidance on the steps needed to begin evaluating and making decisions that can positively impact your business. View or download How to Buy Construction Technology.

The Impact of Productivity in Construction.

White Paper

There is sound evidence, based on research by Dodge Data & Analytics and McKinsey & Company, demonstrating that more than half of construction projects finish late and are over budget. There is a distinct correlation between the level of digitalization in construction and its productivity growth. View or download The Impact of Productivity in Construction.

The Key Performance Indicators of Construction.


Study commissioned by Autodesk with Dodge Data and Analytics where they surveyed more than 200 contractors and trade professionals in order to identify and analyze current processes for planning and executing projects. The study revealed key process indicators that companies say are especially useful to interpret overall performance. View or download The Key Performance Indicators of Construction.