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ICT Aurora Program


Document Purpose

This document is designed to provide a summary of the benefits and requirements of the Innovative Construction Technology (ICT) Aurora Program which has been designed to provide a limited set of ICT customers the opportunity to be the first to deploy ICT TRACKER 2.0 products on live projects.

About ICT

ICT is a software company serving Construction and Building Owner/Operator organizations. Our mission is to become the standard contractors use to benchmark field installation in real-time so they can track construction projects, control costs and make better decisions to deliver projects on time and in budget.  

ICT develops, markets, and sells products designed to digitize and automate the on-site manual process for tracking progress and productivity of work crews responsible for installing building systems.

ICT Products

ICT TRACKER “Our App”: An iPad application which allows construction project teams within an organization to:

  • Import models
  • Import predefined statuses or custom statuses assigned to cost codes
  • Select building system elements and log progress status and date completed
  • Log and track time and budget for fields crews

ICT REPORTS: A Web-Based application which enables project team members within an organization to:

  • Export data into ICT Power BI progress tracking report templates.
  • Export data for use with company ERP or Project Management software
  • Export data for Visual Status models in Navisworks or source CAD software
  • Access to ICT standard reports via a dedicated customer on-line report website

ICT AURORA PROGRAM SERVICES: Model conditioning services to:

  • Model conditioning for optimal progress tracking
  • Import column grid lines into tracking model
  • Training of field personal on app

Program Overview

The ICT Aurora Program represents a partnership with a limited number of select industry leading construction firms to collaborate with ICT in implementing our product ICT TRACKER to solve key business issues facing project teams. This Program is being offered for a limited time only for early adopters to use ICT TRACKER on live pilot projects for 18 months.

Program Terms: The ICT Aurora Program provides participants an 18 month subscription for the use of ICT TRACKER. The term is effective for 18 months from the date of first delivery. Upon completion of the term, the participant may renew their subscription on our then standard terms, or cease all use of the licensed products.

Program Features: In addition to the 18 month subscription license for the included products, participants also receive all upgrades and updates of the included products published by ICT during the program term, as well as full technical service and support, and up to 3 remote app training sessions.


 Program Fee: The fee for participating in the ICT Aurora Program is $9,500.  This fee covers the software and services as described in the “ICT Products”  section.

Program Incentive:  As an added incentive for being an ICT Aurora Program member, ICT will extend a future purchase discount applicable to any additional subscriptions purchased within six months from the date of first delivery.  These additional subscriptions will be recognized as full commercial 12 month licenses, renewable annually, one year from the effective date of delivery.


Program Details

The following is an expanded description of all of the features of our ICT Aurora Program which has been designed to benefit customers who participate in the initial “limited release” of our product and services:

The ICT Aurora Program licenses participants to deploy the following ICT software:

  • Unlimited company division users for the ICT Tracker and ICT Reports products
  • Unlimited company division projects
  • Consulting services will be delivered by the ICT Services Team. ICT Aurora participants may also request additional services for training and/or implementation assistance at current market rates.

ICT will provide comprehensive customer support services which will include:

Direct Support: This includes telephone helpdesk support, email support, access to a web-based FAQ (frequently asked questions) knowledge base plus server-based application monitoring and diagnostic support via ‘remote desktop access.’

Live Updates: ICT provides live updates for all registered users of ICT TRACKER .

Documentation: Comprehensive context-sensitive, online user guide is fully integrated within ICT TRACKER along with online training videos. The user guide is also available for offline use.

Program Requirements

ICT Aurora Program participants must agree to the following program requirements:

ICT Aurora Program Agreement and Program Fee:

Each participating company must sign a “ICT Aurora Participant Agreement” and provide ICT with a valid Purchase Order for the Program Fee of $9,500 in order to secure the next available delivery/deployment date for this limited release program.  ICT will issue an invoice on delivery and installation for the full amount of the Program Fee with payment due in 15 days.

Project Deployment:

Pilot Project and Project Team Members: Prior to the start of ICT TRACKER deployment and implementation services, participants agree to select a pilot project on which to apply the ICT TRACKER software. Selected project team members are to be designated to use the ICT TRACKER software in conjunction with the selected project.

Executive Sponsorship: Participants agree to provide “C” level support for both the initial pilot and subsequent projects which are implemented under this Program and to convene a ‘decision making unit’ (DMU) to continue to meet with ICT to provide feedback on the use and value of the ICT TRACKER product.

VDC Resources: Participants agree to provide a VDC resource to facilitate model conditioning and BIM360 access.



Pilot Project Goals and Evaluation Plan:

ICT will work with the participants to define specific milestone goals and an evaluation plan in order to capture ROI metrics which will be shared with ICT for internal purposes. ICT may use such metrics in future product marketing materials, subject to participant’s release and approval that such use would not constitute a breach of participant’s proprietary information. Participants agree not to unreasonably withhold such approval.

Confidentiality: Any ICT product or company information declared or labeled as confidential, which is provided to participants under this Program, must be treated as confidential and remains the exclusive property of ICT.  Participants are authorized to show/demonstrate ICT products to their extended project team members and to representatives of any affiliated companies. Participants are not to show/demonstrate ICT products to employees or representatives of any other software vendor without prior written approval from ICT.

Reference Account: Following successful implementation and use of ICT TRACKER, ICT requests that each participant serve as a reference customer.  This may take the form of one or more of the following: providing quotations for press releases; providing testimonials; accepting a limited number of phone calls from qualified prospective customers who ask to speak with reference accounts; speaking engagements; a written case study; use of your company name and logo as an ICT TRACKER customer on ICT’s website and in marketing collateral; etc.


Our Commitment.

We welcome your company’s participation in the ICT Aurora Program and as a key part of our market entry strategy. By making our products and services available on a limited basis to selected customers we promise to work very closely with you to ensure your success in using our products on your first and subsequent projects.

Please direct any questions or comments about the ICT Aurora Program to:
Lisa Duncan, CRO, Innovative Construction Technology, Inc. 
lisa#ictracker.com or call 602 476 3786 Cell