Time is Ripe for BIM

A very interesting and insightful article written by Donna Laquidara-Carr of Dodge Data & Analytics, shows how contractors up & down the supply chain stand to gain the most from a further commitment to tech.

The latest research from Dodge Data & Analytics on building information modeling (BIM) focuses on mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP), and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) contractors. It reveals that these contractors have embraced BIM and are seeing extraordinary value from its use. However, it also demonstrates that a major challenge for many of these contractors is a lack of commitment to BIM use by other key parties involved in a project. 

The study also examines the benefits of having an integrated workflow for structural and MEP systems, which is based on sharing model information throughout design, detailing, fabrication and installation.

Hmmm. sound familiar? As you know, ICT Tracker can help to facilitate the sharing and leveraging of BIM data today!

Read Donna’s full article here. 

What’s Next: Disruption in Construction

Covid-19 is an overwhelming distraction to the way we use to do business. Executives and owners are looking at ways to reset their businesses to adapt and survive this current climate. But the reality is, as Peggy Smedley always says, construction needs positive disruption, and quite frankly if you don’t disrupt, you will be disrupted. 

Here is a link to her great article entitled: What’s Next: Disruption in Construction. 

Founder Interview Series – Guest Blogger Tom Pick of Webbiquity

Modern office buildings are an incredibly complex orchestration of steel, glass, concrete, and an array of subsystems. Yet much of the process of managing the “assembly” of these massive and complicated structures remains manual. A new breed of technology companies is setting out to change that. One of the most fascinating is Innovative Construction Technology (ICT), led by CEO Tim Duncan, Lisa Duncan, David Francis, and Mary Macdonald. Read the complete blog by Tom Pick.

New ICT Tracker Features and Updates

Our development team continues to work on adding enhancements and improving usability as requested from our customers making ICT Tracker the “must have” app for contractors.


We have taken installation tracking to a new level by allowing custom statuses to identify installation progress on more types of systems, and at different points of an install. Customers can now set up statuses based on phases for tracking any model elements.

  • Imagine tracking multiple phases such as trenching, or rebar poured for concrete, or tracking mechanical elements such as hung, connected, tested, inspected.

  • Or, how about using the custom statuses to identify model elements that will be next in line for pre-fabrication prior to the actual installation.

  • You can even calculate the materials required for the next phase of the installation by tracking and comparing against the 3D model.

The ability to customize the status feature in ICT Tracker adds more power and control both during and before installation.

  • Ability to edit budget hours as a project budget needs change

  • Ability to standardize the floor level definition to add a level of consistent data eliminating non-standard level definitions.

  • Customized user data can now be imported from Navisworks models

  • Automated Report Requests

  • Updates to latest releases of Forge, Unity and Vuforia

The Latest Updates to ICT Tracker

The ICT development team has been busy and are pleased to announce many new updates to ICT Tracker.

We have added:

  • More AR Markers reference numbers: 01-36

  • View zoom window option

  • Project selection option by alpha-numeric or import date

  • More software parameters for export

  • An option to load models without AR Markers

We have updated/improved:

  • Updated code for Apple IOS 12

  • AR Marker Indentification in AR Mode

  • Manual Positioning Tools with Restore Original

  • Master file and system load speeds

If you want to learn more about any of these updates or see them in action, contact us for a quick demo.