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AU 2020 – A new way to connect!

I have either been attending or helping to market Autodesk University for over 20 years and this is the first time we will not be all together sharing, learning and networking in person. AU 2020 has gone virtual and for the first time it is FREE to attend. But, the...

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Tracking is More Than Just Pictures

Every day we see announcements about some new way to determine the progress being achieved, or not achieved on the job site. Many of those emails, posts, etc. are introducing ways to capture info through scanning or 3D imagery. It is really "cool" technology, but what...

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Time is Ripe for BIM

A very interesting and insightful article written by Donna Laquidara-Carr of Dodge Data & Analytics, shows how contractors up & down the supply chain stand to gain the most from a further commitment to tech. The latest research from Dodge Data & Analytics...

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ICT Tracker Release 1.2.1 Update

To our ICT Tracker customers. Please see the following information and links to access the current ICT Tracker Support Files. ICT Tracker Support Files Please follow this link to download the latest version 1.2.1 ICT Support Files The Executable Zip files update some...

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What’s Next: Disruption in Construction

Covid-19 is an overwhelming distraction to the way we use to do business. Executives and owners are looking at ways to reset their businesses to adapt and survive this current climate. But the reality is, as Peggy Smedley always says, construction needs positive...

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