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A White Paper More Relevant Than Ever

I wrote a whitepaper a few months ago titled, “Leveraging Technology to Recession Proof Your Construction Company.”  I had no idea it would become so relevant, so quickly. In the paper I referenced a statement from Warren Buffett referring to the financial crises of...

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Myths and Facts About Innovation in Construction

Inventors of new technologies often claim their scanning or artificial intelligence software can replace construction professionals on the job site.  Despite the widespread use of BIM, drones and laser/photo scanners, the question is, “Why do construction companies...

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New ICT Tracker Update Announced

Exciting news! A new version of ICT Tracker is now available for download on the App Store. This release includes a number of improvements that require you to update the app before you can continue working with your existing projects.  Major new features include: ...

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New ICT Tracker Features and Updates

Our development team continues to work on adding enhancements and improving usability as requested from our customers making ICT Tracker the “must have” app for contractors. CUSTOM STATUSES We have taken installation tracking to a new level by allowing custom statuses...

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The Latest Updates to ICT Tracker

The ICT development team has been busy and are pleased to announce many new updates to ICT Tracker. We have added: More AR Markers reference numbers: 01-36 View zoom window option Project selection option by alpha-numeric or import date More software parameters for...

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