Time is Ripe for BIM

A very interesting and insightful article written by Donna Laquidara-Carr of Dodge Data & Analytics, shows how contractors up & down the supply chain stand to gain the most from a further commitment to tech.

The latest research from Dodge Data & Analytics on building information modeling (BIM) focuses on mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP), and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) contractors. It reveals that these contractors have embraced BIM and are seeing extraordinary value from its use. However, it also demonstrates that a major challenge for many of these contractors is a lack of commitment to BIM use by other key parties involved in a project. 

The study also examines the benefits of having an integrated workflow for structural and MEP systems, which is based on sharing model information throughout design, detailing, fabrication and installation.

Hmmm. sound familiar? As you know, ICT Tracker can help to facilitate the sharing and leveraging of BIM data today!

Read Donna’s full article here. 

ICT Tracker Release 1.2.1 Update

To our ICT Tracker customers. Please see the following information and links to access the current ICT Tracker Support Files.

ICT Tracker Support Files
Please follow this link to download the latest version 1.2.1 ICT Support Files

The Executable Zip files update some of the BIMflow workflows for model conversion and installs the files in BIMflow Workflow Manager while creating a backup of your existing workflows on your local drive.

The following folders/files will be updated on your local drive iConstruct_BIMflow:

  • BIMflow: BIMflow workflow master and swap file batch
  • Find Items: Navisworks Find item filter xml template files
  • Workflow: Updated Autoread XAML files for BIMflow

User Guide: The user guide has been updated to version 2.11 and the link on your C:ICTTracker/folder/User Guide will take you to the new user guide on the cloud.

User Tutorial Videos: The following user tutorial videos have been uploaded to our Youtube channel.

What’s Next: Disruption in Construction

Covid-19 is an overwhelming distraction to the way we use to do business. Executives and owners are looking at ways to reset their businesses to adapt and survive this current climate. But the reality is, as Peggy Smedley always says, construction needs positive disruption, and quite frankly if you don’t disrupt, you will be disrupted. 

Here is a link to her great article entitled: What’s Next: Disruption in Construction. 

ICT Tracker Release 1.2.1 Update

Exciting news! Release 1.2.1 of ICT Tracker is now available for download on the App Store. This release includes a number of improvements, new features, and some back-end changes. It is important that you update the app to take advantage of this release and continue working with your existing projects.

Major new features include:

Updated Status Option: You can now select and apply more than one extended status at a time.

Updated Systems Screen: Shows project level and project name for reference when using the app.

Free Flight Updates:

  • Added True-Plan VIew button
  • Updated selection tool palette to show only Lasso and Linear Selection Tools
  • Renamed the Manual Positions Tools Palette to be the Zoom Tool Palette
  • New Location for the Zoom Window Tool
  • Added cache refresh button to refresh models that do not cache correctly
  • Added zoom/pan speed slide bar to control speed of controllers

Revit Grid extract tool: Added option for 3D column grid for reference that displays a tool tip of the column grid value when selected

Revised Custom Status to Extended Status: Allows user to select from defined list of statuses to standardize data options for better reporting

Select Multiple Extended Statuses: Allows user the option to select and apply multiple extended statuses at a time

Updated back-end data to resolve status issues

You can watch a short video here of the new updates.

IMPORTANT: The update is at 11:00 PST on 7/22/20. It is important that you upgrade to the newest version on the App Store prior to using it again after 7/22/20.

Founder Interview Series – Guest Blogger Tom Pick of Webbiquity

Modern office buildings are an incredibly complex orchestration of steel, glass, concrete, and an array of subsystems. Yet much of the process of managing the “assembly” of these massive and complicated structures remains manual. A new breed of technology companies is setting out to change that. One of the most fascinating is Innovative Construction Technology (ICT), led by CEO Tim Duncan, Lisa Duncan, David Francis, and Mary Macdonald. Read the complete blog by Tom Pick.

A White Paper More Relevant Than Ever

I wrote a whitepaper a few months ago titled, “Leveraging Technology to Recession Proof Your Construction Company.”  I had no idea it would become so relevant, so quickly.

In the paper I referenced a statement from Warren Buffett referring to the financial crises of 2008-2009, “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who has been swimming naked.” He was talking about Wall Street firms that appeared to be financially sound but lacked internal discipline and operational control to weather an economic downturn.

There are parallels in the construction industry; we have seen before. Strong construction companies get stronger during a downturn, because they embrace it as an opportunity to get off the hamster wheel and figure out better ways to get things done with less.

COVID-19 (coronavirus) is impacting the global construction industry with projects facing labor shortages, supply chain issues, and financing pressures. Now more than ever, this is a time to be proactive, not reactive.

As the we all take a pause in response to the COVID-19, take the time to assess where you are now on projects, and assess how you can move your jobs forward despite a potential disruption in labor and materials in the coming weeks. Most important, use the pause to evaluate tech and be ready to come out the other side stronger.

Here is a link to the Leveraging Technology to Recession Proof Your Construction Company whitepaper.