How Accurate Construction Project Data Helps Prevent Profit Loss

In an extremely competitive commercial construction landscape, it is more important than ever to protect profit margins on construction projects. When working to maintain profits, there is arguably nothing more critical than leveraging real-time data to make the most informed decisions possible.

Read this insightful article from guest blogger, Sam Willis, contributor to Innovative Building Materials.

Read his complete article here.

Technology Needs to Bridge Generational and Operational Divides

Insightful article from Akshay Mahajan on the how the construction industry is finding itself straddling two very different worlds.

As Askay states; instead of widening the perceived divide within the construction workforce, digital technology can be a force to bridge it.

He has identified 5 keys to making that a reality in your firm: 

1. Tight digital integration across the business
2. Smart, mobile technology to-go
3. Purpose-built systems for the business you’re in
4. The means to capture institutional knowledge
5. Focus on people

Success goes to those contractors that can integrate the knowledge of current generations and the technical skill and passion of the new ones. 

Read his complete article here.

The key to adopting construction technology on the job site. It must be easy!!!

We are all human and many of us just don’t like to make major changes to our everyday workflow and processes. But we also know we need to take a hard look at what is holding us back to become more productive and ultimately, make more money.

Upsetting our own, and our teams comfort level, even it is for the better, is difficult. Avoiding a disruption is often much easier path than convincing others that the “old way” is no longer working.

But adopting a new technology tool in the field is often met with resistance because of the training or technical skills required to use it. Moving from a tedious and inaccurate manual process of tracking job performance to using an app can be exciting, but for those that see it as a disruption to their day, they are just words, hype, marketing, or a sales pitch.

Here at ICT, we have seen this. We work very closely with companies that have made the commitment to tech and walk them through a step-by-step process to assure that all team members understand the objectives, the impact on their workflow, and most important the value to them.

It must be easy!

As Guy Gast, President of Waldinger Corporation stated on a recent webinar. “We say in our service businesses “make it easy”, and we are referring to making it easy for our customer. That’s the field foremen. Is it easy for them to use? Does it require them to do anything more? Because if I don’t make it easy for them, it won’t be effective.”

When the concept of ICT Tracker was first discussed, ease of use was the number one objective. David Francis, Co-founder, and CTO of ICT knew firsthand the challenge of implementing software and other technology on the job site. The field teams have a lot to do and if the solution you want them to use is not easy, it just won’t happen.

Moving from a manual tracking process to tracking progress digitally IS easy with ICT Tracker. 

  1. Download the app
  2. Upload your model
  3. Capture installation status
  4. Look at the data

To see for yourself, please view our video, or even better, schedule a short demo.

State of the Construction Industry – another perspective!

Kendall Jones, Editor in Chief at ConstructConnect just posted a good summary of how the pandemic has impacted us during this past year.

There have been many blogs, articles, research studies on how 2020 impacted both residential and commercial construction, but Kendall sums it up in a short and concise article.

He covers  where the industry stands now, and in the future and highlights construction spending, construction starts, employment, architectural billings, COVID health concerns, and ends with an upbeat note about technology adoption which of course, we support and encourage.

You can read Kendall’s full article here.

Technologies for Concrete Contractors

Great article from Myles Willis, Autodesk Construction Solutions. Myles has great insight from his background in concrete and technology.

Read his article on Six Technologies, Tools,& Workflows Giving Contractors an Edge in 2021.

I particularly like his take on leveraging BIM and creating a digital link between the field and the office – hmmmm sounds like ICT Tracker.

As he states: “As the industry continues to navigate uncertainty and new challenges, construction companies need to bolster themselves with proven solutions to help ensure projects are completed correctly, on time, and on budget.”

You can read his article here.

Announcing new online reports and features for ICT Tracker

We have been busy at ICT, and I want to make sure you hear about our latest updates.

New Online Reports

First, we now have online reporting for ICT Tracker that has received high praise from our customers that have been testing out the report. As a customer, you will receive a link to the online Power BI reports and have immediate visibility into your projects. It is automatically updated with your tracking information. No longer do you have to update individual Power BI reports (although you still have that option). Your choice!!

Watch this short video to learn more about online reports.

New Date Feature

Second, a new update to our software now includes a date feature that has been at the top of our “most requested” features. You now have the option, when tracking, to use the current date or post date it for when the actual work occurred. This adds much more flexibility and accuracy of project status.

Watch this short video to learn more about the new date feature.

Remember, it is important that you update the app to take advantage of these new features and continue working with your existing projects.

For support or answer to your technical questions, please contact If you want to learn more about ICT Tracker or expand your use, please contact