AU 2020 – A new way to connect!

I have either been attending or helping to market Autodesk University for over 20 years and this is the first time we will not be all together sharing, learning and networking in person.

AU 2020 has gone virtual and for the first time it is FREE to attend. But, the same level of content from industry and technical experts is not diminished. Once again, AU contains classes and sessions for anyone in the Autodesk community.

ICT is no exception. We have our own David Francis offering a session as described below:

The ROI of Technology in Construction

One of the biggest challenges to a contractor is understanding the value of certain technology and the cost benefits. Technology is not a tangible item like a tool, so it can be hard to get people in management to see the benefits.

The goal of this presentation is to discuss all the facets of technology cost and understand how to identify and push technology within your company.

Key Learnings:

  • Discover and learn about actual immediate and long-term costs associated with technology.
  • Review labor costs associated with software purchases for training, learning curve, customization, and maintenance.
  • Learn about presenting value and efficiency gains with hardware and software purchases and upgrades to your company.
  • Discover how a company typically handle technology costs and the roadblocks that prevent implementation.

ICT will also be hosting a Virtual Trade Show booth in the Expo and welcome you all to visit us there.

AU 2020 starts next Tuesday, Nov 17th runs until Friday, Nov 20th. To learn more and register, visit AU 2020.

Tracking is More Than Just Pictures

Every day we see announcements about some new way to determine the progress being achieved, or not achieved on the job site. Many of those emails, posts, etc. are introducing ways to capture info through scanning or 3D imagery. It is really “cool” technology, but what information does it really provide?

Photos can show you something has been installed, but can it also tell you if it has been connected and tested? Photos can’t show how many man-hours it takes to complete specific tasks and if they’re ahead or behind on schedules. Tracking labor costs to schedules can directly impact costs. Pictures only show the status of an installation at one point in time.

Pictures are great, but does it truly tell you percent of complete, or calculate earned value? You have a choice!  

Read Complete White Paper Here

Avoid a Cash Flow Crisis: How Contractors can Capture Payments

Managing payout applications for payment has always been a complex and frustrating process for contractors as it directly impacts cash flow.

Chief Economist for the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), Anirban Basu, recently stated, “ABC’s survey data indicates that we are in the early stages of a nonresidential construction spending downturn. With few exceptions, declines in backlog have begun to accelerate across all markets and regions.”

This white paper discusses the impact and steps to consider to improve your payout app process and the questions all contractors should be asking. One way is to explore technology to help document and verify with real-time data.

Read Complete White Paper Here

Time is Ripe for BIM

A very interesting and insightful article written by Donna Laquidara-Carr of Dodge Data & Analytics, shows how contractors up & down the supply chain stand to gain the most from a further commitment to tech.

The latest research from Dodge Data & Analytics on building information modeling (BIM) focuses on mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP), and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) contractors. It reveals that these contractors have embraced BIM and are seeing extraordinary value from its use. However, it also demonstrates that a major challenge for many of these contractors is a lack of commitment to BIM use by other key parties involved in a project. 

The study also examines the benefits of having an integrated workflow for structural and MEP systems, which is based on sharing model information throughout design, detailing, fabrication and installation.

Hmmm. sound familiar? As you know, ICT Tracker can help to facilitate the sharing and leveraging of BIM data today!

Read Donna’s full article here. 

ICT Tracker Release 1.2.1 Update

To our ICT Tracker customers. Please see the following information and links to access the current ICT Tracker Support Files.

ICT Tracker Support Files
Please follow this link to download the latest version 1.2.1 ICT Support Files

The Executable Zip files update some of the BIMflow workflows for model conversion and installs the files in BIMflow Workflow Manager while creating a backup of your existing workflows on your local drive.

The following folders/files will be updated on your local drive iConstruct_BIMflow:

  • BIMflow: BIMflow workflow master and swap file batch
  • Find Items: Navisworks Find item filter xml template files
  • Workflow: Updated Autoread XAML files for BIMflow

User Guide: The user guide has been updated to version 2.11 and the link on your C:ICTTracker/folder/User Guide will take you to the new user guide on the cloud.

User Tutorial Videos: The following user tutorial videos have been uploaded to our Youtube channel.

What’s Next: Disruption in Construction

Covid-19 is an overwhelming distraction to the way we use to do business. Executives and owners are looking at ways to reset their businesses to adapt and survive this current climate. But the reality is, as Peggy Smedley always says, construction needs positive disruption, and quite frankly if you don’t disrupt, you will be disrupted. 

Here is a link to her great article entitled: What’s Next: Disruption in Construction.