The Latest Updates to ICT Tracker

The ICT development team has been busy and are pleased to announce many new updates to ICT Tracker.

We have added:

  • More AR Markers reference numbers: 01-36

  • View zoom window option

  • Project selection option by alpha-numeric or import date

  • More software parameters for export

  • An option to load models without AR Markers

We have updated/improved:

  • Updated code for Apple IOS 12

  • AR Marker Indentification in AR Mode

  • Manual Positioning Tools with Restore Original

  • Master file and system load speeds

If you want to learn more about any of these updates or see them in action, contact us for a quick demo.

Double Your Profitability with a 10% Labor Improvement


This is an impactful statement and one that comes directly from a report just released by The New Horizons Foundation and Maxim Consulting Group and offered by SMACNA (Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors Association) helps contractors get started or fine-tune productivity tracking in the detailing, fabrication and installation processes.

The report discusses the importance of establishing an effective methodology to track productivity is critical to driving process improvements and increased profitability.  

If you are a member of SMACNA, I invite you to logon and download the paper today. If you are not a member, you may want to join to read this impactful report.

What’s in it for Me? (Known as WIIFM and Pronounced as whiff-em.) The Importance of Field Productivity Training

I read a great article by Ron Roberts that was written back in April 23, 2009, is still relevant today. Ron uses the abbreviated phrase “WIIFM”, where he outlines all the reasons why your field should do productivity tracking. The interesting part is how he outlines all the obvious benefits, but the process he writes about is trying to simplify the process to minimize field time. He states, “You must make recording the data easy. The easier the data is to record, the more likely your crews and foremen will record it accurately.”

He then goes on to talk about paper forms and the process. Forward the clock almost 10 years forward and we now have an easy process that is much more accurate than any paper or .pdf forms. Enter ICT Tracker as a simple solution that uses your existing fabrication models and an iPad to get instant real data from the field to benefit your project management and estimating groups.

He also lists the obvious benefits to the field foreman and company that performance reporting provides:

  • Better work. “It keeps us from blowing bids.”

  • Job security and more hours. “It helps us grow the company.”

  • The thrill of victory. “You will know when you’ve beaten the goal.”

  • Better planning. “Good data lets us set realistic schedules.”

  • Realistic performance standards. “Good data lets us set performance goals that are fair and reasonable.”

  • A foundation for performance based bonuses. “We can share the profits when you beat the budget.”

So if you are ready to take the next step and improve you company’s productivity tracking process, watch our video or register to see a demo of our simple solution to improve your process.

A Marriage of Labor and Productivity. How to Avoid Going to a Counselor When There May Be Problems.

There is a great report that just came out from Dodge and Autodesk on Key Performance Indicators for Construction. As you know, we are passionate about measuring and tracking performance on the job site and knowing how your project teams are performing on a timely basis can make all the difference in overall production and scheduling. Per the report, Labor Production was referenced as one of the “Magic 7,” which are the seven key process indicators that companies say are especially useful to interpret overall performance.

I was most interested in the section on labor production as that is where our product ICT Tracker app can have immediate impact. Per the report, “When it comes to top factors decreasing labor productivity, more trades (68%) point to poor schedule management.” This comes from not knowing your field status for percent complete. As I see it, without a tool like ICT Tracker it is hard to accurately and efficiently track field production and percent complete in a timely manner.

I’ll be sharing with you other points from this report in future blogs.

Learn more about ICT Tracker here or better yet, schedule a demo.

Finding it Hard to Schedule Time to Update Schedules? Sounds a Bit Like a Catch 22!

This is my second in a series on a report that came out from Dodge and Autodesk on Key Performance Indicators for Construction.

What I find interesting per the report, is how many companies do not seem to know the daily status of their projects and if they are on schedule. Time is certainly a commodity that we could all use more of, but it is somewhat of a Catch 22 that we need more time to track time.

Based on the report, 42% of respondents reported that they update schedules daily or weekly. That is good, but on the other side, only 20% said that they update the schedule within 1-2 days of becoming aware of a situation requiring schedule modification.

I would certainly like to know if many of you are seeing the same issues. And… of course, I can’t help but highlight that without a tool like ICT Tracker it is hard to update your schedule when you do not know your percent complete. No more…ICT Tracker can tell you the status of your project, areas of concern, while tracking productivity.

Learn more about ICT Tracker here or better yet, schedule a demo.

To read the complete report you can download it here.

Just Released! New Features Added to ICT Tracker

As you know, we are continuing to add more features and functionality to the ICT Tracker app. I am excited to announce the following updates that our development team has been busy perfecting:

1. Cost Codes: You now can input Cost Codes per system and export that data to tie productivity reports to cost codes or link to existing project management software

2. Log Crew Size & Hours: You can now log Daily Crew Hours and Size to track total hours logged onscreen. This allows you to export data for labor productivity tracking based on hours, crew size, material type and size or link to project management software

3. Budget Hours: Get real-time on-screen Budget Hours by entering Budget Hours to view real-time budget percent complete status vs installation percent complete status.

To learn more, feel free to contact us or reserve a free demo.