Innovative Construction Technology

About ICT

ICT is an augmented reality (AR) software company that delivers innovative and empowering solutions to streamline work processes with user-friendly technology in the construction industry.

Our Story.

ICT is owned by the partnership team of Tim Duncan, Lisa Duncan, and David Francis. Together, they merged their passions for construction and technology by recognizing the need for productivity innovation tools that construction teams can use in the field and on the job site. They recognized a need to introduce designers and contractors to alternate software solutions that are innovative, and to provide value by eliminating waste in the workflow process.

ICT Tracker is the first of their innovations using augmented reality, and it was launched with great success to companies around the world. The construction industry is entering the mobile revolution that invites apps to become an accepted means for day-to-day workflows and project management. ICT is leading the way in construction as it works toward creating digital solutions to increase productivity, save time, and make difficult-to-manage projects a thing of the past.

What We Value.

Honesty. Integrity. Fun. Innovation. Industry involvement.

We believe that integrating these values into everything we do helps us to create industry-changing products and education for companies around the world.

ICT builds on knowledge through experience—and the desire to foster authentic, genuine relationships by sharing the outcome in partnership with our customers.

“While competitors use expensive hardware scanning devices, ICT leverages existing mobile devices and uses AR technology. This enables construction teams to track field progress and deliver comprehensive construction reporting for real-time visibility solutions.” 

–Tim Duncan, Founder / CEO

Meet Our Leadership Team.

Tim Duncan

Co-Founder / CEO

Tim is a registered architect who has successfully started and operated companies in the AEC market for over 25 years. He has witnessed the challenges and opportunities that companies face with the evolution of advanced computer technologies. Embracing technology and supporting the customer throughout the lifecycle of construction is a passion that Tim is extending with the creation of solutions using mobile, AR, and other emerging technologies.

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David Francis

Co-Founder / CTO

David has years of expertise managing MEP Design/Build construction projects. He has held positions as a General Foreman, Project, BIM/VDC and MEP Manager. David embraces technology and challenges the status quo to discover and create solutions that provide the most value and increased process efficiency on the job site. Frequent industry speaker, David also serves as the AGC BIM Forum MEP Group National Chairman, and the MEP group lead on the LOD Specification committee.

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Lisa Duncan

Co-Founder / CRO

As an industry ambassador and catalyst for over 20 years, Lisa’s life mission is promoting and advocating the use of advanced digital and mobile technology on the jobsite and in the lifecycle of the construction project to solve real business problems. Lisa was co-owner of a successful AEC consulting company and was instrumental in the growth of the Construction Division.

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Mary Macdonald 

Marketing Director

With a passion for technology and marketing, Mary has seen the evolution of software innovation over the years along with the importance of leveraging both traditional and new marketing trends. She has held senior marketing roles in both SMB and corporate organizations where she was responsible for NPI execution and the development of SaaS, customer success nurturing strategies, and building brand visibility and demand.

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