This is my second in a series on a report that came out from Dodge and Autodesk on Key Performance Indicators for Construction.

What I find interesting per the report, is how many companies do not seem to know the daily status of their projects and if they are on schedule. Time is certainly a commodity that we could all use more of, but it is somewhat of a Catch 22 that we need more time to track time.

Based on the report, 42% of respondents reported that they update schedules daily or weekly. That is good, but on the other side, only 20% said that they update the schedule within 1-2 days of becoming aware of a situation requiring schedule modification.

I would certainly like to know if many of you are seeing the same issues. And… of course, I can’t help but highlight that without a tool like ICT Tracker it is hard to update your schedule when you do not know your percent complete. No more…ICT Tracker can tell you the status of your project, areas of concern, while tracking productivity.

Learn more about ICT Tracker here or better yet, schedule a demo.

To read the complete report you can download it here.