An interesting article recently published by Construction Executive highlighted the amount of disruption that construction faced in 2020.

The author highlights technology to consider in 2021 and states that many companies need to consider the following ways to address and adapt to the challenges, obstacles, and changing methods or standards in construction:

  • Expanding Digital Twin Adoption
  • Digital Construction Grows
  • Construction Investigates AR and VR more seriously
  • Increased use of Data and Analytics Software on Site – my particular favorite as it is exactly where ICT Tracker fits!!!!
  • Stakeholders Experiment with Robotics to Alleviate Labor Shortage Pressures
  • Supply Chain Disruption Sparks Blockchain Innovation
  • Recycled Resources Gain More Interest
  • Modular Construction Makes Moves
  • Adaptive Reuse Grows
  • Developers Look to Mixed Use and Outdoor Spaces

The author closes with….

While it is possible to analyze and project, 2020 showed that it is impossible to predict with certainty what will happen in in the future. In the current climate of volatility however, one thing is certain, innovation is inevitable. Construction will continue to demonstrate its resilience through disruption and move forward with creativity and determination in the new year and beyond.”


By John Brown | Thursday, January 14, 2021

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