Successful General Contractors 

 have proactive and automated way to monitor and react to construction progress to stay on time and on budget. 

75% of a general contractors time is spent tracking down data! 

Without current and accurate data, critical decisions affecting schedules and budgets continue to impact poor profit.

Simplify and streamline tracking by eliminating manual methods
Timely measurements & identification of positive and negative trends

Capture real-time data for reports to improve visibility
Jobsite forecasting and completion

Make immediate scheduling adjustments to manpower, equipment, tools, and material deliveries
Project profits and company revenue

Understand installation status and identify scheduling issues to prevent margin slip
Gain knowledge of productivity rates to feed back into estimating and win more jobs

Critical decisions can be made faster!

With ICT Tracker, General Contractors finally have a way to accurately track percent of complete against earned value and cost to project complete. By acting on issues before they cost more money or time prevents margin slip and how the project is performing against budget. 

Tim Duncan

CEO, Innovative Construction Technology

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How does ICT Tracker work?