How to Set Up and Use ICT Tracker

Getting Started

Here are the steps to get the app loaded and start using it on your projects!

1. System requirements.

ICT Tracker only works on the following Apple iPads* that support Apple ARKit** technology:

  • iPad Pro 2016 or newer 9.7″ display

  • iPad Pro 2016 or newer 10.5″ display

  • iPad Pro 2016 or newer 12.9″ display

  • iPad 2017 or newer 9.7″ display

*The ICT Tracker app is not available to use on an iPhone.

**Per Apple, in order to use ARKit, iOS devices need to have an A9, A10 or A11 chip.

3. What you need before uploading files and models.

  • An Autodesk BIM 360 Docs Account to upload the model(s) to the iPad
  • Models generated using Autodesk Revit or AutoCAD software (2017 or newer)
  • Navisworks Simulate or Manage (2017 or newer) software to generate NWD files
  • The original project trade and reference model(s) in its native platform, preferably filtered to just your trade elements by level. These will be needed to place AR reference markers and generate an NWD file to upload to the BIM 360 account.

Account login info for ICT Tracker

  • ICT will need the user email address to create an account for each user license.
  • ICT will use your account email address and a password that we provide for you to login to the app.
  • Contact us for more information about acquiring an ICT Tracker account.

4. How do I use the app?

For detailed application usage information, download the ICT Tracker User Guide for complete instructions.

6. Who do I contact for support?

7. Questions?

Contact ICT for more information to start using Tracker today! Or email

8. Terms & Conditions.