ICT Tracker

A simple app that automates project tracking & real-time reporting.

No more manual tracking on paper or time-consuming takeoffs. 

Track existing BIM or 3D models to accurately compare against current installations. 

Not just pretty pictures – you have real-time data in minutes.  

75% of a contractors time is spent tracking down data! 

Keep your project on time and on budget to drive greater profits. 

ICT Tracker was designed for commercial contractors by veteran construction professionals. We lived the pain – we now have a solution.

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“Using ICT Tracker helps make the job profitable. Cutting down the time, cutting down the guesswork is what makes digital field tracking the way to go to prevent margin slip. We can get percent of complete in minutes.” 

Corey Chestnut

Project Manager, Climate Engineers

“What I love about ICT is it allows us to use information that we are already creating through our BIM process and have transparency throughout the company through the field. It helps us to really improve our efficiencies and reduce human error.”

Don DeGuzman

Corporate BIM Director, Silicon Valley Mechanical, Silicon Valley Mechanical