Real-Time Data.

Data rich reports in minutes to share or integrate into project management systems.

Collect data on:

Precise % of work completed and calculate earned value by cost code

Budget vs. actual work performed to date

Measure installed quantities

Project manhours based on measured productivity rates

Unlike scanning or 3D images, we capture critical data for analysis reporting in real-time

With ICT Tracker, we finally have an easy and accurate process to verify when a project is on track. But more important, the data to identify and act when a project is off schedule.

Bob Mahoney

Outside Supervisor, Worcester Air

Leverage 3D Models.

Track existing BIM or 3D models to accurately compare against current installations.

Accurately compare with current installations for real-time updates

Track any 3D modeled elements

Use model data to track any installation or inspection status for optimum tracking

View and share updated models in real-time

Simply touch your device screen to mark and define each element or phase

What I love about ICT is it allows us to use information that we are already creating through our BIM process and have transparency throughout the company through the field with our PMs, our field guys and create new workflows using ICT Tracker. It helps us to really improve our efficiencies and reduce human error.

Don DeGuzman

Corporate BIM Director, Silicon Valley Mechanical

Ease of Use.

Anyone on Your Team Can Use ICT Tracker Without Being a Technical Expert.

Simple user-friendly interface – user training takes less than 15 minutes

Built for mobility by leveraging existing tablets on the job site

Only Augmented Reality (AR) solution that has a Free Flight mode (without AR) Watch short video.

Designed by people who understand construction

I can’t say enough about the software, the ease of use. I brought it up to my foreman and it took him all of 15 minutes to start using the software on the iPad and he is excited to use it on more projects and was asking if we could use it on all his projects.

Corey Chestnut

Project Manager, Climate Engineers

Unlimited Tracking.

Whether duct, piping, concrete, cable, or an extended status, you select the elements and phases to track.

No matter what trade, you can select elements in the model and identify the phase of installation or inspection.

Fire Protection
Mechanical Pipe/Duct
Structural Steel/Framing

and more . . . .

Unlimited Tracking

ICT Tracker could have saved me a lot of headache, conversations with the foreman, printing out prints, etc. Sometimes there would be a week or two lapses by the time you got prints to him and he could highlight them and bring them back. That one job would have paid for ICT Tracker.

Steven Goulder

Project Manager, Climate Engineers

Extended Statuses

If it is in the model, you can track it.

ICT Tracker’s default selections are Installed, Not Installed, and Needs Rework. But, here is just a list of additional statuses you can select:

Bottom Track
Build Forms
Erect Beams
Erect Columns
Erect Joists
Erect Metal Stairs
Erect Misc Steel
Erect Truss
Finish Coat
Finish Grout
Fire Caulked
Hang 1st Sheet
Hang 2nd Sheet
Infill CMU 
Install Decking
Layout Walls
Pour Concrete
Set Anchors
Strip Forms
Top Track
Weld Studs
Wire Pulled

We now have a process to report the progress of a project based on multiple trades, specific elements, and phases. That is powerful!

Director of Operations, General Contractor