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ICT Services

Successfully implement ICT Tracker.

ICT Is proud and committed to working with your team to guarantee a successful implementation and use of the ICT Tracker App. We like to consider us as part of your team whether in the field capturing data, or defining the best strategy to get the most from your BIM model and reports. 

As an ICT customer, you have access to our team of technicians and construction professionals in addition to online training and step-by-step instruction resources.


Set-up and Model Conditioning:

ICT sets up users and their roles for the ICT Tracker App and ICT Reports

ICT assists in setting up customer provided BIM 360 DOCs ICT folder and installation of the ICT Tracker App for BIM 360 DOCs

ICT assists in defining the best model set-up strategy for optimum report results along with extended status options and cost codes, if applicable

ICT generates the initial level/area setup (conditioning) of the 3D model for use with the ICT Tracker App including:

Exporting column grids from Revit and append to the model for better orientation when on the job site.

Assist in Initial set-up, layout strategy and export/append of the AR markers in the Revit model for use in the field if the AR tracking option is desired.

ICT provides routines to automatically condition the model and will customize them per customers needs.


Remote training for model prep and project setup

Remote hands-on iPad training on the app for field personnel

Remote training on use of ICT Online Reports and use of Power BI, if required.

Remote training on customer admin panel for direct database updates/editing

Access to online training videos and instructions

Fee-Based Services (call for pricing):

Model conditioning past the initial setup as mentioned above

Custom reports