Enhanced list of ICT Tracker Features


A comprehensive list of what makes ICT Tracker a unique tracking solution.

General Features.

Multi-user project integration: Allows multiple team members to view the same project models and their status.

BIM property parameters: BIM data allows for accurate take-off fo data in the app and for reporting.

Enhanced cost code support: Associate each custom status with a WBS or cost code for detailed tracking

Tracks any 3D element: If it is in the model, ICT Tracker can track and report on it

Procore Integration: Statuses are associated with Procore codes enabling status updates to populate Procore’s Field Productivity reports.

Working with your 3D Model.

Leverages Navisworks: Able to work with any 3D software solution and automatically streamlines model prep process.

Flexibility in setting up Elements:

  • Group model elements for tracking per user preference, by install phases or cost code.
  • Group model elements to track as spools, AWPs, assemblies, or pieces
  • Filter model by Level, Area, or Sequence ID

Simplified Level Structure: You can define how to structure your model to simplify field tracking by level of phase or sequence for project organization and reporting.

Reference points: Ability to add architectural walls and column grids for better orientation and reference of elements in the model.

App Interface.

Managing Projects on the Project Screen:

  • Clean, simple interface to view projects, level and name
  • Upload new projects
  • Utilizes BIM 360 Docs for project file hosting and uploading to app
  • Add project information such as number, level, and naming
  • Option to import custom statuses and cost codes
  • Option to connect with Procore and update unit of measurement to costing
  • Easy to modify – Ability to update project data online via the customer admin panel

Viewing Project Status on the Systems Screen:

  • Displays project level and project name for reference
  • See all project grouping by phase, type or cost code
  • Ability to see the overall percent complete
  • Ability to request CSV report export
  • Ability to delete project
  • Ability to view Total Length or Pieces pulled from model data for reference
  • Ability to view project status percent complete on both standard or extended statuses
  • Can enter Model View for updating status

Applying Budget Hours:

  • Option to apply Budget Hours for reporting
  • Option to Log Hours to track and report on manpower
  • Calculate percent complete if Budget Hours and Log Hours option is utilized
  • View hours logged in app per date

Easy controls to navigate the app:

  • Choice to use either Augmented Reality (AR) or
  • Free-Flight Mode for tracking
  • Easy to use standard gaming controls for moving around the model
  • Pre-defined views for perspective plan view or true plan view
  • Optional zoom window tool for larger models
  • Speed slide bar for controlling movement within the model
  • Simple selection options using Single Pick or
  • Linear Selection or Lasso Window
  • User sets status from a defined list of statuses for better reporting
  • Ability to select and apply more than one status at a time.
  • Option to change the date status for when actual work occurs
  • Statuses are color-coded for easy identification in the model view
  • All status changes are written to the cloud for real-time data updates
  • Properties button is available to view reference data on the element (s) selected
  • If 3D column grid is used a tool tip displays the column grid value when selected
  • Cache button to refresh models


  • Leverages model data for powerful BI or visual model reporting
  • Standard reports are available with option to customize
  • Review real time data in minutes based on live model updates from the app
  • Online reports allow access from any web-based interface
  • Ability to modify items directly in the database when viewing online
  • Option to generate scheduled reports exported to your team
  • Integrate with your ERP or accounting systems
  • Import status data into Navisworks or back to CAD systems for visual updates
  • Reports are based on your data to track by trade, project, division or company
  • View trends via date range whether daily or cumulative

No matter the trade, element, or phase, you select the metrics you want to track and report such as:

  • Percent of work completed
  • Earned value
  • Budget vs. actual work performed
  • Measure installed quantities
  • Project manhours based on measured productivity rates
  • Linear or square feet or meters
  • Pieces or equipment
  • Pounds or tonnage
  • Labor hours by date or phase