ICT Tracker

Knowing your percent complete and earned value on a job site are critical metrics for profitability.

“Intelligent data is the reason we really pushed hard on the data driven path. We are not looking at ICT Tracker to be a “one off” on one project. We want to collect and analyze data to bid more intelligently on future projects and execute on them better and keep the data flow circular.”

Travis Voss

Leader of Innovative Technologies , HELM Group

“With labor and materials being the largest cost factor in construction, it needs to be carefully managed. With ICT Tracker, we improved the utilization rates and were able to limit re-workand saw immediate
productivity gains.”

Bob Mahoney

Outside Supervisor, Worcester Air

Unlimited tracking – whether Hung/Placed, Connected, Fire Caulked, Tested, Inspected/Insulated, Balanced, Set/Anchored, Started, Commissioned, etc. you select the elements and phases to track.

Leverage your investment in BIM or 3D models to accurately compare against current installations.

Unlike scanning or 3D images – you have visibility into real-time data in minutes that can be shared with the entire team online. 

Understand project status and identify scheduling issues before they impact production. Always know your percent complete and earned value.

Powerful Online Reports

As a customer, you will receive a link to the online Power BI reports and have immediate visibility into your projects. It is automatically updated with your tracking information and can be shared across the entire team. All reports are customizable. 


Simplify and streamline tracking by eliminating manual methods

Capture real-time data for reports to improve visibility

Make immediate scheduling adjustments to manpower, equipment, tools, and material deliveries

Understand installation status and identify scheduling issues to prevent margin slip

Gain knowledge of productivity rates to feed back into estimating and win more jobs

Remove the guesswork out of percent complete & earned value to generate more profit.

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