Exciting news! Release 1.2.1 of ICT Tracker is now available for download on the App Store. This release includes a number of improvements, new features, and some back-end changes. It is important that you update the app to take advantage of this release and continue working with your existing projects.

Major new features include:

Updated Status Option: You can now select and apply more than one extended status at a time.

Updated Systems Screen: Shows project level and project name for reference when using the app.

Free Flight Updates:

  • Added True-Plan VIew button
  • Updated selection tool palette to show only Lasso and Linear Selection Tools
  • Renamed the Manual Positions Tools Palette to be the Zoom Tool Palette
  • New Location for the Zoom Window Tool
  • Added cache refresh button to refresh models that do not cache correctly
  • Added zoom/pan speed slide bar to control speed of controllers

Revit Grid extract tool: Added option for 3D column grid for reference that displays a tool tip of the column grid value when selected

Revised Custom Status to Extended Status: Allows user to select from defined list of statuses to standardize data options for better reporting

Select Multiple Extended Statuses: Allows user the option to select and apply multiple extended statuses at a time

Updated back-end data to resolve status issues

You can watch a short video here of the new updates.

IMPORTANT: The update is at 11:00 PST on 7/22/20. It is important that you upgrade to the newest version on the App Store prior to using it again after 7/22/20.