Our development team continues to work on adding enhancements and improving usability as requested from our customers making ICT Tracker the “must have” app for contractors.


We have taken installation tracking to a new level by allowing custom statuses to identify installation progress on more types of systems, and at different points of an install. Customers can now set up statuses based on phases for tracking any model elements.

  • Imagine tracking multiple phases such as trenching, or rebar poured for concrete, or tracking mechanical elements such as hung, connected, tested, inspected.

  • Or, how about using the custom statuses to identify model elements that will be next in line for pre-fabrication prior to the actual installation.

  • You can even calculate the materials required for the next phase of the installation by tracking and comparing against the 3D model.

The ability to customize the status feature in ICT Tracker adds more power and control both during and before installation.

  • Ability to edit budget hours as a project budget needs change

  • Ability to standardize the floor level definition to add a level of consistent data eliminating non-standard level definitions.

  • Customized user data can now be imported from Navisworks models

  • Automated Report Requests

  • Updates to latest releases of Forge, Unity and Vuforia