We are all human and many of us just don’t like to make major changes to our everyday workflow and processes. But we also know we need to take a hard look at what is holding us back to become more productive and ultimately, make more money.

Upsetting our own, and our teams comfort level, even it is for the better, is difficult. Avoiding a disruption is often much easier path than convincing others that the “old way” is no longer working.

But adopting a new technology tool in the field is often met with resistance because of the training or technical skills required to use it. Moving from a tedious and inaccurate manual process of tracking job performance to using an app can be exciting, but for those that see it as a disruption to their day, they are just words, hype, marketing, or a sales pitch.

Here at ICT, we have seen this. We work very closely with companies that have made the commitment to tech and walk them through a step-by-step process to assure that all team members understand the objectives, the impact on their workflow, and most important the value to them.

It must be easy!

As Guy Gast, President of Waldinger Corporation stated on a recent webinar. “We say in our service businesses “make it easy”, and we are referring to making it easy for our customer. That’s the field foremen. Is it easy for them to use? Does it require them to do anything more? Because if I don’t make it easy for them, it won’t be effective.”

When the concept of ICT Tracker was first discussed, ease of use was the number one objective. David Francis, Co-founder, and CTO of ICT knew firsthand the challenge of implementing software and other technology on the job site. The field teams have a lot to do and if the solution you want them to use is not easy, it just won’t happen.

Moving from a manual tracking process to tracking progress digitally IS easy with ICT Tracker. 

  1. Download the app
  2. Upload your model
  3. Capture installation status
  4. Look at the data

To see for yourself, please view our video, or even better, schedule a short demo.