I read a great article by Ron Roberts that was written back in April 23, 2009, is still relevant today. Ron uses the abbreviated phrase “WIIFM”, where he outlines all the reasons why your field should do productivity tracking. The interesting part is how he outlines all the obvious benefits, but the process he writes about is trying to simplify the process to minimize field time. He states, “You must make recording the data easy. The easier the data is to record, the more likely your crews and foremen will record it accurately.”

He then goes on to talk about paper forms and the process. Forward the clock almost 10 years forward and we now have an easy process that is much more accurate than any paper or .pdf forms. Enter ICT Tracker as a simple solution that uses your existing fabrication models and an iPad to get instant real data from the field to benefit your project management and estimating groups.

He also lists the obvious benefits to the field foreman and company that performance reporting provides:

  • Better work. “It keeps us from blowing bids.”

  • Job security and more hours. “It helps us grow the company.”

  • The thrill of victory. “You will know when you’ve beaten the goal.”

  • Better planning. “Good data lets us set realistic schedules.”

  • Realistic performance standards. “Good data lets us set performance goals that are fair and reasonable.”

  • A foundation for performance based bonuses. “We can share the profits when you beat the budget.”

So if you are ready to take the next step and improve you company’s productivity tracking process, watch our video or register to see a demo of our simple solution to improve your process.